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Playing bridge

Playing bridge

Bridging is a hobby of ours.

As you may have noticed, we have named our rooms after the four colors of a card game:

Room of spades

Breakfast is served in this room in the morning.
In the evenings, guests can, upon request, play bridge. Bridging is possible against other B&B guests or against us.

If we are unable to attend, we will ensure the presence of a guest bridge pair.


Note: Bridge is not available during corona measures !!!

Hearts room

This is our most luxurious and largest room (25 m 2 ). The bathroom has a toilet, bidet, washbasin and a double bath with whirlpool. The built-in seat makes this bath seniors-proof!

The Spades and Hearts Room are located on the 1 st floor. On the 2nd floor are the other two rooms. The stairwell is spacious and the stairs are not steep.

Room of Diamonds and Clubs

These rooms are exactly the same size (21 m 2 ). The rooms both have a bathroom with a toilet, sink and shower. The bathroom of the window room was new in 2019 and has an extra large shower (90 x 120 cm) with a low entry.

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