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This is the most famous long-distance hike in the Netherlands. The route runs from Pieterburen to Valkenburg and is divided into 26 routes of which Swalmen is the 23rd.

For walkers, the Pieterpad runs 250 meters from our accommodation. Route 22 from Swalmen to Venlo (23 km) and Route 23 from Swalmen to Montfort (21 km) run straight through our lovely village.

But of course you can just take a terrace on the Maas by bike.


The total catchment area of the Swalm covers approximately 277 square kilometers, of which 26 lay within the Netherlands. Also the length is only a small piece in the Netherlands, namely 12.2 km from the total of about 43 km. It is one of the few streams that still meander through the landscape.

The Swalmdal has been designated as a Natura 2000 area.

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